St. James’s Park

After hearing Todd Longstaffe-Gowan talk about the landscaping of Regent’s Park, I have realised how much of the design of St. James’s Park is owing to John Nash, in his role as Surveyor General of Woods, Forests, Parks and Chases, a role he held from 1806.   It was he who, in early 1827, on the orders of George IV and following a report which suggested the creation of a pleasure garden, was responsible for converting the canal which had been created in Charles II’s time into a lake and laying out the paths.   The superintendent of the Royal Gardens at Kew, William Aiton, is thought to have been responsible for the planting.   But, it is Nash who we have largely to thank for its picturesque character:-


One thought on “St. James’s Park

  1. Thank you – I’ve always wondered, and wanted to know, who was responsible for St. James’s Park (and Green Park ? ).

    What else did Todd L-G talk about ? What an excellent designer of gardens he is !

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