Newborough Forest

I was brought up not to like pine trees, regarding them as non-natives, too fast growing, invaders.   This was particularly true of the post-war plantations of the Forestry Commission which were all over England and particularly in Wales.   There was a sense that they were too regimented, too dark, too immune to changes in the seasons.   But as Newborough Forest, which is a classic example of its type, first planted in 1947, has been gradually thinned, allowing a bit more light and variety, I find myself liking it more, as I did walking through it this morning:-


4 thoughts on “Newborough Forest

  1. Yes, I suspect many of us have been of the same mind, but, as your photographs show, these plantings, at their best, contain a wide variety of trees and can be very beautiful. Consider Caspar David Friedrich.

  2. Christopher Nevile says:

    Or have we now all been seduced by Messrs Cole and Sons best selling and now ubiquitous wallpaper?
    There is also some rather fetching China from Clavering using the pine stem/trunk imagery. Then again it could be a continuation of the Nordic noir craze. ?

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