I had forgotten how extremely exhilirating it is to go sea-bathing in the evening:  the minutes of extreme cold when one wonders why one has been so mad as to go in and then the way one’s body adapts.   I notice not many people do it, but we did in the harbour where the yachts dock with only cormorants and terns, walking over the beach and then across the island in the brief moment of sun before the heatwave with the water still and no seals:-

Then we walked back towards the forest:-


3 thoughts on “Sea-bathing

  1. Jocelyn says:

    It seems difficult to resist swimming in such a tranquil setting with that beautiful scenery beckoning. Thank you for sharing your holiday through your photographs.


  2. Ivan Gaskell says:

    There’s nothing like it. Jane and I swim in Meeting House Pond, a large tidal pond at the head of Pleasant Bay, first thing every morning while we are on vacation in Orleans, Cape Cod, as we are right now. We swim from buoy to buoy among the moored catboats and Boston whalers while a pair of ospreys glides overhead. Sometimes a seal joins us at a distance–but no great whites, thank goodness. Heaven.

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