Menai Food Festival

Our last day.   We decided to go to the Menai Food Festival, which was unexpectedly cheerful – lots of local producers arranged in tents, not so much sea food as I was expecting, but Thai food, burgers and ice cream.   After reading a chapter of my book about apples (did you know that they originated in Kazakhstan ?  And that St. Benedict advocated the planting of apples in monastery gardens ?), I was pleased to discover the Anglesey Apple Company:-

Next door was a stall selling plums:-

And I think it may have been Mrs. Teague who was selling local tomatoes:-

If nothing else this holiday, it’s that the fetishisation of local foods is not insignificant in terms of what it does to the land.   As three Professors of Cardiff wrote in Worlds of Food:  Place, Power and Provenance in the Food Chain (OUP, 2006), ‘Buying food may be a private matter, but the type of food we buy, the shops and stalls from where we buy it, and the significance we attach to its provenance have enormous social consequences’.


9 thoughts on “Menai Food Festival

  1. Wonderful still-lives of Apples. And fascinating about St Benedict. Thank you. As ever your Blog is a mine of Information and insight.

    A suitable last Post from Anglesey. Of course it should be a separate Book !

  2. Simon Hirtzel says:

    Thanks for your profusion of posts over the summer from Anglesey! Interesting about St Benedict – hence presumably the tradition at Ampleforth (which always used to boast England’s northernmost commercial orchard, I think). On apples and Kazakhstan, Roger Deakin is a great read (just one segment of his last work, Wildwood).

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