The Thames

I had a cappuccino in a flat which overlooks the Thames at the bend in the river by Canary Wharf where one stretch looks south-west towards the Shard and the other south towards Greenwich.   I only half remembered that there is an Antony Gormley figure which presumably was installed by Ian McKellan and stands as a rather rusty sentinel as the tide comes up:-


4 thoughts on “The Thames

  1. Leslie Bacon says:

    Oh, the symbolism and various interpretations of a rusted statue of man, seemingly covered in bird shit….. In the river. Thank you Charles, I love this find, and so many of your other views of the unknown or forgotten.

  2. I hadn’t realised that there was a Gormley in the Thames. Thank you. They are wonderfully resonant and poignant figures, particularly when covered and uncovered by tides as at Morecombe, and here.

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