Burlington Gardens

I had my first trip round Burlington Gardens since getting back from holiday.   It’s amazing how much work has been done in the interval.

This is the steel girder which will support the amphitheatre of seats in the new Lecture Theatre:-

This is the view through to the RA Schools where the new bridge connecting the two buildings will be built:-

This is the same view from the RA Schools:-

This – rather astonishingly – is a view of the basement vaults which have been dig out to give better disabled access:-

And this is the space which will be occupied by the new Schools Library:-


3 thoughts on “Burlington Gardens

  1. Joan says:

    I keep returning to the final image because ‘Sinks Clean’ so much reminds me of work by the American pop artist (and Catholic nun) Corita Kent. As a long time art teacher this looks like the sort of environment she would have been very comfortable in.

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