Freud Museum

I don’t know why I have never previously been to the Freud Museum, so laden with objects and so heavily redolent of his era and personality, where those who became his case studies, like the Wolf Man, came to be psychoanalysed.   It replicates his apartment in Berggasse, filled with the same books and the display cases stuffed with artefacts of his collecting:-


2 thoughts on “Freud Museum

  1. Freud’s house on Maresfield Gardens is indeed a remarkable site. Every object in his Study in Vienna was exactly recorded so it could be recreated in London. They were essential aids in his sessions with patients. Everything is precisely how he left it, down to the spectacles on his desk, as if waiting for his return. It is a shrine, a room of the utmost respectability, in which he explored the dreams, desires, the fears and ghosts of the 20th century’s psyche.

  2. Roberta Saraiva Coutinho says:

    I would very much like to know if you have any information or image about the Egyptian figure, “with a a miter-shaped head-dress”, a Wolf-man’s gift to Freud at the end of his Analysis in 1914.
    Thank you very much, Roberta

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