Frieze Masters

Each year for the last few years I have been asked to give a tour of Frieze Masters to the RA patrons.   This is not totally straightforward as an Art Fair is, by definition, a grand potpourri of works of art – in Frieze Master’s case, of all styles and periods, the ancient to the contemporary.   In the past, it has involved a breathless sprint round all the stalls in a desperate search for objects to point out.   This year I was better prepared.

These are the things I liked:-

A Soldier on Sam Fogg’s stand, said to be from Persepolis in southern Iran:-

A parcel-gilt silver ewer, also from Iran (where does he find this stuff ?):-

A Spanish Angel of the Annunciation (Sam Fogg again):-

A Crucified Christ attributed to Alessandro Algardi on the Moretti/Hauser and Wirth stall, which is a good collaboration between the contemporary and the modern:-

A rare landscape print by Goya done just before Los desastres de la guerra , shown by Emanuel von Baeyer (this is my favourite stand):-

Two grey jackets (so-called) by Paul Tübbeke from Weimar:-

And a Self-portrait of Hans Christian Andersen on a card which would be given by him as a gift, both also shown by Emanuel von Baeyer:-

A little terracotta Madonna and Child by Henry Moore (Hauser & Wirth):-

A small Morandi shown by Barbara Mathes:-

A very beautiful Sgraffito bowl  by Lucie Rie (c.1978) shown by Offer Waterman:-

A collection of Eduardo Paolozzis shown by Jonathan Clark at the back of the Fair, including a Gridded Head (c.1995):-

And a bronze bust of Hermes (1995):-


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