I have only been to Orford once before and half remembered the drive south east from Snape past the piggeries and Sudbourne where Kenneth Clark was brought up.   I like its sense of remoteness, with a surprisingly large medieval church:-

There’s a post office which sells fresh vegetables:-

And the Pump Street Bakery for fresh bread:-

Good examples of corrugated iron:-

And a view out towards the sea:-


7 thoughts on “Orford

  1. Dick Humphreys says:

    The walks on the Ness are well worth making. Such a strange landscape, full of beauty and the dark history of the last century.

  2. Christopher Nevile says:

    Is the Butley Oysterage still going? If you sailed from Aldeburgh in a lumpen Lapwing with pretty red sails you deserved a blow out at the Oysterage, and ginger beer no doubt….oh those teenage years

  3. Pamela Glasson Roberts says:

    I love Orford too. Orford Ness itself is a very atmospheric place, now owned by the National Trust, with some stripped out military installations still intact but being reclaimed by nature in a very satisfying way. Smoked fish, oysters & other seafood in the village delicious. And the there’s Britten. A wonderful magical place.

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