Burlington Gardens

It’s been a short while since I went round our building project, but in that time there has been a gigantic change as the project has moved from large-scale demolition to reconstruction so, for the first time, one can see what it will look like when completed.

This is the front entrance hall with the original stone floor revealed:-

This is the entrance staircase:-

This is the new lecture theatre with the steelwork in place:-

Best of all is the scale and spaciousness of the new Gallery 8, where the collections will be displayed:-

Finally, we looked at the progress of work in the basement vault:-


3 thoughts on “Burlington Gardens

  1. Wonderful ! David Chipperfield’s auditorium looks as beautiful as I hoped it would.
    Congratulations to you and to him. This is going to bring in a whole new generation
    and be the greatest change to the Academy for a century.

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