Livres d’artistes

I was invited to visit a collection of livres d’artistes of extraordinary quality – the sorts of book that one can never normally see and handle, laid out on a glass table to pore over and enjoy:  works by Bonnard, Sonia Delaunay and, most of all, Picasso, produced in the 1930s and during the war when there were printers and bookbinders using vellum and gold leaf to the highest standards, one offs produced in tiny editions, hand painted, dated to the day they were produced.   Of course, the tradition continues, to an extent, in books produced by Dieter Roth in the 1960s and Anselm Kiefer more recently and even a work produced specially by Louise Bourgeois, but they cannot draw on the technical skills of bookbinders like Paul Bonet and Pierre Martin or a culture, as in Paris in the 1930s, which revered the book as a work of art.


2 thoughts on “Livres d’artistes

  1. They sound things of wonder. Can you say where you saw them?

    You were too modest to point out that Romilly’s books stand comparison with anybody’s. Works of great beauty.

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