Art History A Level (5)

After a week of discussion about the decision to axe art history, it has become clear that it was not a direct decision of government (Gove has denied responsibility and Cameron has claimed that it was his favourite subject), but instead was decided by AQA on grounds of the cost and difficulties of administering the exam:  in which case it is surely the responsibility of the Chief Executive of AQA to find a way of examining the subject in a way that is manageable;  and the responsibility of the current government to make sure that this is done.


5 thoughts on “Art History A Level (5)

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    perhaps the reason for the declining demand for art history ‘a’ level is that ‘contemporary art’ is such tosh and has been for far too long…?

  2. How much contemporary art teaching has Edward Chaney seen? Perhaps he should look at ARTiculation (Roche Court) which was won this year by a brilliant presentation on Jackson Pollock’s BLUE POLES.

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