Walsall Art Gallery

I have been mourning the possible closure of Walsall Art Gallery, which was one of the great beacons of cultural revival in the late 1990s, made possible by the lottery, one of the first works by Adam Caruso and Peter St. John, invented and presided over by Peter Jenkinson, bringing art out of major metropolitan areas into ex-industrial towns.   I remember travelling to it on a small branch line from Birmingham with a group of Japanese tourists and admiring its stately entrance hall and upstairs galleries.   So what has gone wrong ?


One thought on “Walsall Art Gallery

  1. Indeed, what has gone wrong? As you say it was one of the triumphs of the turn of the century – a thoughtful design by Peter St John and Adam Caruso that looked out across Wednesbury and Wolverhampton, and looked down on the Gallery Square, designed by Richard Wentworth.

    Caruso and St John gave it excellent details – panels, shuttering and floor of good pine, leather covered handrails and beautifully positioned windows that revealed the views and the skies, picking up the Gallery’s Constable oil sketch, Landscape with Clouds.

    The whole collection is a hymn to Jacob Epstein and his lover Kathleen Garman, with Epstein busts that have elements of Epstein’s collection of primitive pieces, also here.

    But Walsall also has good examples of Samuel Palmer and Corot and Delaunay : altogether an outstandingly good and interesting gallery. It will be a real sadness if it closes .. .. ..

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