Begonia Maculata

While I’m at it, I’m also posting a picture of the spotted leaves of a Begonia Maculata, which I admired so much during our weekend in Wiltshire that I was presented with it.   It now sits in a position of honour, flowering in the drawing room:-


One thought on “Begonia Maculata

  1. Anne Manson says:

    Looked to me as if it’s got the pox ….. a pox on him too! I can’t believe his conceit that we’ve even noticed he’s not airing and pontificating. I’ve still got this wretched cold dragging on and coughing away, but hope some improvement imminent. I’m not sure how John is at the moment, we haven’t been in contact for quite a time. If he is at home I don’t think Sunday would be a good idea for me to come round, according to Google this kind of thing can go on for 10 days and uncertain how long it goes on being contageous – but I’m not anxious if it’s just two robust women in situ. My sister arrives today and I do feel more galvanised. Have just cleared the fridge and had a boil up, potage garbure – smells very unpleasant….


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