J.P. Gandy Deering

I meant to find out about J.P. Gandy Deering yesterday, wondering about his role assisting Wilkins in the design of University College.   The answer is that he was the younger brother of the great J. M. Gandy, draughtsman to John Soane (their father was a waiter at White’s Club).   A pupil of James Wyatt, he was trained at the Royal Academy Schools, exhibiting A Design for the Royal Academy in 1807.   After travelling to Greece on an exhibition organised by the Society of Dilettanti, he collaborated with Wilkins on the design of an 820 foot tower planned for Portland Place and on the design of the University Club in Pall Mall.   He actually came second in the competition for University College, but then assisted Wilkins in the execution of his winning entry.   In 1828, he inherited an estate in Buckinghamshire from his friend Henry Deering, took his name, and more or less gave up architecture.


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