John Hancock Tower

I’m an admirer of the John Hancock Tower and always have been:  post-brutalist, it provides an elegant and sleek reflective presence to the Boston skyline, always there, but never domineering, tactfully deferential to H.H. Richardson’s wonderful Trinity Church.   It was designed by Henry Cobb, working in partnership with IM. Pei:-


5 thoughts on “John Hancock Tower

  1. A lovely building. But I remember the early 1970s when the glass windows fell out and the building had many plywood ‘panes’. And Trinity Church sued Hancock over foundation problems caused by the construction of the Hancock Tower!

  2. Ivan Gaskell says:

    John Hancock (the company, not the patriot and signer) has left the building. It’s now just 200 Clarendon. But the name is so resonant that it’s sure to stick.

  3. He is a great architect (is he an Honorary RA ? ). He loves museums and galleries and his finest buildings are all museums / galleys – the Pyramid at the Louvre, the John F. Kennedy Library, the Miho in Japan, Suzhou and the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

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