Ethel Paine Moors

Before leaving Boston, I thought I would try and find out about my Bostonian step-grandmother, Ethel Moors, whom I never met because she died ten days after marrying my grandfather in the year of my birth (in fact, she was dead before my parents met her off the boat at Southampton).   Thanks to the glories of the internet, I have been able to find out much more than I have ever known previously.   That she came of an old Boston family, I knew.   She married John Cabot Moors, who was a nonconformist banker and member of the Harvard Corporation.   Both were liberal progressives and worshipped at Trinity Church.   When they were not in Back Bay, they summered either in a house on the South Shore at Cohasset or in a farmhouse out in Heath in the Berkshires, where she encouraged fellow radicals to settle.   ‘Unconventional iconoclasm and a radical devotion to social justice were the unspoken requirements’.   On this day of all days, I am pleased to discover that they were vigorously internationalist and hostile to the ‘bigoted isolationism of so much of America’s political classes’.


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