Back in Brexit Britain, I am posting some last pictures of New York.   I know that the transformation of Soho into an area of gigantic fashion stores is now complete, but I still like the old industrial feel of Prince Street and Spring Street – the high old warehouses and small bits of terracotta ornament, as well as McNally Jackson, a well stocked independent bookstore:-


3 thoughts on “Soho

  1. Victoria says:

    I love these details. Seeing your post on Soho reminded me of when I recently walked through there to explore Tribeca. Not sure if you have been inside the foyer of the AT&T long distance building on 32 Avenue of the Americas. Some lovely grand 1920s-30’s mosiacs celebrating the different continents of the world that fill the whole foyer and quite unexpected from the very plain exterior of the 27 storey block. Ps have very much enjoyed all your posts from your American journey.

    • Dear Mark, It all depends, as you well know, on how my book on East London does, which is due to be published by Thames and Hudson on Thursday 27th. April. Moreover, the whole point of the book about East London is that it is based on deep and repeated exploration, not just a casual travelogue. So, I would need to spend a year in Boston, not three days. Charles

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