Design Museum (2)

I don’t normally post images at night-time, nor those which contain people, because, like most people who enjoy photographing buildings, people are a distraction to style, design and shape.   But I am breaking this rule in honour of the new Design Museum because everything I had heard about it suggested that it would be a grand 1960s parabolic space filled by a smart, but separate John Pawson interior.   So, I wasn’t expecting the unexpectedly open, triple deck, public atrium surrounded by balconies.   I gather that one of the best features is an accident:  because of health and safety, the main staircase has seats down the middle, making it into an arena for watching people;  and I like the re-use of the original marble from the old Commonwealth Institute:-


3 thoughts on “Design Museum (2)

  1. Wow ! It looks as though it has done Conran proud. You’ve caught a remarkable atmosphere. I now want to go and see it for myself. Will you revisit it and photograph it by daylight ?

    Meanwhile, thank you.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    It looks like an excellent use of space; bringing to mind MOMA in NYC. I’m glad you broke your rule for these pics.

    All the best,

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