RA Schools

I spent part of the morning looking at the way that the RA Schools can develop after the completion of our scheme for Burlington Gardens.   The building is currently a palimpsest:  a layer of Sydney Smirke’s original utilitarian spaces, created by the use of cast iron girders supporting the exhibition galleries above;  then, Norman Shaw coming in as Surveyor in the 1880s and making various changes, as well as adding an extra set of studios at the back;  then a series of mezzanines inserted into the original spaces, thereby cannibalising them.   Many of these accretions can be stripped away:-


2 thoughts on “RA Schools

  1. When the Schools are finished they look as though they will return the Academy to Joshua Reynolds’s original intention – to give Leadership, alongside his own annual Discources, to the world of Art in Britain. An historic achievement !

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