Design Museum (3)

We joined the enormous weekend crowds enjoying the new and generous public spaces of John Pawson’s Design Museum, with ample space to wander, sit on the staircase and watch the crowds.   We still failed to see the actual exhibitions, but enjoyed the new Parabola restaurant on the top floor, run by Prescott and Conran and with views across the avenue up to Holland Park, and the detailing of the original RMJM concrete parabolic roof:-


3 thoughts on “Design Museum (3)

  1. As the last director of the Commonwealth Institute before the building closed in 2002 I am enjoying your posts on the new Design Museum, and particularly today’s news of the ‘enormous weekend crowds’. It is wonderful to see the place reemerging with such energy in its new use – and evidently a considerably reworked interior. One of the highlights of that (otherwise pretty difficult) period was the recladding of the paraboloid roof: it was transfixing to watch the roofers fixing the new copper, suspended as they were with mountaineering gear as they reached the near vertical extremities. For the first few days the copper shone almost luminescent, before the rain came and almost immediately dulled the surface.

    • It’s impressive – at least, I think so. We had lunch with the same people we had lunch with nearly the first weekend the Switchhouse opened. The verdict was that the architecture of the new Design Museum is warmer and more humane. Charles

      • Certainly scope for warming it up! It was always a difficult place from that point of view, though I’ll miss the elliptical shapes of the old balconies which made it a visually intriguing place inserted as they were in the square shell of the building. I’m due to visit in January and much look forward to it. David

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