Joseph Dandridge

Cruickshank’s book about Spitalfields contains useful information about Joseph Dandridge, one of the pattern drawers who serviced the silk industry, living in Moorfields and working for James Leman, before moving out to Stoke Newington, where he was more easily able to indulge his passion for collecting butterflies.   He is an interesting figure:  born in Winslow, apprenticed as a ‘drawer’ to a merchant tailor, he was a passionate collector of insects, shells, fossils and paintings of spiders, as well as butterflies.   He used to go out of London on expeditions to Box Hill and Dover collecting them and gave his name to the Grizzled Skipper and Marsh Fritillary.   Not surprisingly, he was a founder member of the so-called Aurelian Society and is remembered by a fellow member as stout and chatty, as well as ‘full of anecdotes of the old collectors’.


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