Gerald Kelly PRA

Next in the line-up of PRAs is a bust of Gerald Kelly, who was President from 1949 to 1954, succeeding Alfred Munnings after his disastrous speech at the Annual Dinner.   Kelly was the son of the vicar of St. Giles, Camberwell and became interested in painting through visiting Dulwich Picture Gallery as a child.   He was half educated at Eton and took what is called a poll degree at Cambridge (I assume an unclassified pass).   He learned to paint in Paris as a friend of Sargent and Sickert and had a penchant for dancing girls.   He painted in a boiler suit and was a connoisseur of fine wines.   He only died in 1972 (the bust is by Maurice Lambert):-


2 thoughts on “Gerald Kelly PRA

  1. Dick Humphreys says:

    Aleister Crowley was a friend of Kelly’s at Cambridge and married the latter’s sister Rose in 1903 and had a very ‘magickal’ honeymoon in Egypt. Through Rose’s efforts as a medium Crowley’s ‘Book of the Law’ was dictated to him.
    They had two preposterously named children.
    It all ended disastrously of course and they divorced in 1909. Crowley had rose committed to an asylum in 1911 for alcohol dementia.
    I think Kelly was rather into ‘magic’ himself.

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