Walsall Art Gallery

We went on a pilgrimage to Walsall Art Gallery in order to see it again in advance of its possible shutdown, remembering the hopes which accompanied its opening and the quality of its building by Caruso St. John, full of surprises and unexpected vistas, with leather handrails to the staircase and an exhibition by Eva Rothschild, but surrounded by a sea of car parks and strip malls (‘no cruising in the Black Country’ it announces as one enters the town):-

A Polynesian shell ornament:-

A seventeenth-century mitre:-

Bob and Roberta Smith:-


One thought on “Walsall Art Gallery

  1. How wise you are to go (one last ? ) time to Walsall. It will be a very real loss if it does close. What will happen to the Garman Ryan Collection with its unequalled group of Epsteins? Or the remarkable figurative collection that Kathleen Garman and Sally Ryan put together after Epstein’s death : Durer woodcuts; a Samuel Palmer etching; a Delacroix watercoloit; van Gogh’s only nude drawing?

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