Zaha Hadid RA

We had an event tonight to commemorate Zaha Hadid;  or, as it turned out, to commemorate her as a person, as an architect, and her legacy.   A bit of the discussion revolved round whether or not, as she herself felt, she was a victim of misogyny:  whether or not she would have been more successful if she had been a man.   The only problem with this line of argument is that she was gigantically successful:  much fêted and commissioned around the world, highly regarded from the time that she was a student at the AA, given international teaching appointments in the 1980s, the subject of discussion in the exhibition on Deconstructivism at MOMA in 1988, and awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2004.   I remember her lecturing at a conference in Columbia University on a stage with Daniel Liebeskind in, maybe, 2003.   She was no shrinking violet.


One thought on “Zaha Hadid RA

  1. All true, but nevertheless she WAS discriminated against, partly because she was a woman, partly because she was ‘foreign’, partly because she didn’t design ‘conventional ‘ buildings, and partly because she was ‘difficult’.

    Witness the trouble she had with the Welsh Opera House.

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