Harry Pearce

I was asked to see the exhibition of work by Harry Pearce at Foyle’s Gallery on the fifth floor of their handsome new shop (designed by Lifschutz Davidson) on the Charing Cross Road.   Harry as a partner of Pentagram has been responsible (brilliantly) for the corporate identity of the Royal Academy for the last five years – always clear, unobtrusive and attentive to the qualities and characteristics of type forms – and last year published a book of his photographs under the title, Eating with the Eyes (the title is a Japanese proverb), which have now been made very effectively into large-scale photographic prints, some by an artisan Neapolitan printer, showing details of street scenes and the materiality of surfaces and things from around the world.   The display cases are by Daniel Weil.

After doing the book, he offered to design the book of my blog and has done so – I think – wonderfully, capturing the movement of the eye across the page and the sense of visual exploration, as well as an intelligent relationship of image to text.


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