Wells Cathedral

We had a return visit to Wells Cathedral for a tour with Emily Guerry who knows it inside out.   Begun in 1175, it’s an astonishingly ornate example of Early English Gothic with an excessively sculptural façade, with quatrefoils copying Rheims Cathedral, maybe by French masons who came on from Canterbury (Canterbury Cathedral had burnt down in 1174):-

The scissor arches are later, thought to be constructed in the 1340s, put in to deal with subsidence:-

The carving of the capitals is astonishingly inventive, originally coloured:-

The chantry chapel and tomb of Thomas Bekynton, the Bishop of Bath and Wells from 1443 to 1464 (he built the houses on the market place), survived the depredations of the Reformation:-

The vaults of the retrochoir:-

And the steps up to the Chapter House, impossible to view except through the eyes of Frederick Evans:-


One thought on “Wells Cathedral

  1. Your eye for architectural detail is unsurpassed. Something that Pevsner, wonderful though he was, never mastered, and he didm’t have your camera !

    I’ve been up in the roof, to see the masons working, and your photographs manage to give exactly that perspective. Thank you.

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