The Book of the Blog

I have always been a bit cautious about mentioning the book of the blog, being sceptical of its reality and superstitious that something would go wrong before it saw the light of day.   But now I have discovered that it is available to pre-order on Amazon, just above my great-grandfather’s book, Obstacles to Missionary Success.   There was a minor battle about its cover as to whether it should be pictorial or typographic.   Typographic won, with a reference to the maps down the spine.   Publication on April 27th.   The Amazon entry doesn’t mention that there are c.500 photographs.


9 thoughts on “The Book of the Blog

  1. Juliet Wrightson says:

    Disappointed that you direct your readers to Amazon. Of course any proper bookshop will also be able to order it, indeed they will no doubt stock it so that the prospective purchaser can see the lovely photographs.

  2. Wonderful that it’s published at last ! Many, many congratulations.

    500 photographs is amazing. In this case they are so important as your eye for hot graphic detail is unsurpassed. When Penguin (the excellent Stuart Profitt) published my Museums book ten years ago they allowed me only 150 photographs, on cost grounds. What a treat it is going to be !

  3. Ivan Gaskell says:

    Pre-congratulations! But it’s not showing up (that I can see) on or Alibris. I hope US distribution won’t lag too far behind.

    • I don’t think it’s being distributed in the States. T&H in New York may have thought it too specialist, although I like to think this could be a touch provincial, since I can certainly imagine buying a book about Williamsburg or, for that matter, Singapore. Charles

  4. Ivan Gaskell says:

    Yah boo sucks! I’ll have to pre-order it in the UK, have it pre-shipped across the Atlantic, pre-mailed to me in New York or Lexington before I can even begin to think of pre-reading it.

  5. Bendor says:

    Very glad to see and hear about this Charles – well done, really pioneering – eagerly anticipated up here in the New Town.

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