Since the weather was so fine, I walked up from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry into Spitalfields, passing the surviving entry to model dwellings constructed in 1886 by Nathaniel Rothschild’s Four per cent Industrial Dwellings Company:-

I had never actually walked down Fashion Street before, with its Moorish-style arcade of 1905:-

Spitalfields Market has a good inscription, commemorating its opening in 1887, as well as fine terracotta detailing:-

I ended this part of my walk at the Ten Bells, because I have always wanted to photograph its excellent internal decoration, but am seldom in the neighbourhood during opening hours.

First, it has good ornamental capitals:-

Inside, there is decorative work by William Butler Simpson & Co. who apparently did both the original work and the recent renovation:-

The recent mural is by Ian Harper:-


2 thoughts on “Spitalfields

  1. marinavaizey says:

    Ian Harper’s portraits must be of ‘real’ people; is that Gilbert of Gilbert and George? Are G & G RAs?

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