Reyner Banham (2)

I should have said that I owe a deep debt of posthumous gratitude to Reyner Banham who I never met, although I heard him lecture with exceptional fluency about building technology (I mainly remember the bootlace tie).   After his premature death, the Design History Society wanted to organise an annual commemorative lecture and I was the person who made the arrangements, which broadened my horizons and brought me into contact with Mary (née Mullett), his remarkable widow, who he married in 1946 and incidentally drew the maps for the Los Angeles book.   The lectures were published by Jeremy Aynsley under the title The Banham Lectures:  Essays on Designing the Future in 2009.


2 thoughts on “Reyner Banham (2)

  1. Nick Dennis says:

    Mary is still alive and as remarkable as ever.
    It seems a pity that the Banham lectures stopped, do you know why?

    • Am glad to hear it ! I think they ran out of speakers who had known and been associated with Peter, although I’m not sure Charles Jencks ever did it. The publication felt like a full stop to the series. Charles

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