Roger Deakin (3)

I finished reading Notes from Walnut Tree Farm on the flight to Los Angeles and have now completed my crash course in the works of Roger Deakin:  sad to realise that he died ten years ago aged 63, so should have had twenty more years at least of rambling, meditative, descriptive writing about Suffolk and other places – his jottings on trees, insect life, memories of his north London childhood, travels in his Citroen, and things seen.   Of the Australian writer Eric Rolls, he says that he writes ‘in a series of anecdotes and portraits that accrete bit by bit into a whole picture’ and that ‘his technique is disobedient in the best sense, for being his own man when it comes to writing’.   He might have been writing about himself.


3 thoughts on “Roger Deakin (3)

  1. A shrewd observation on Roger Deakins’s writing, although as someone who was his contemporary I’m sorry you think that I have only ten more years of productive life ahead of me !

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