Walt Disney Concert Hall

I remember Frank Gehry giving a speech in the Banqueting Hall – I thought in connection with the Pritzker Prize, but he won it too long ago (it was when he won the RIBA gold medal in 2000) – in which he demonstrated the extraordinary fluency and fertility of his invention, the range of the projects he was undertaking, and the ways in which computer-aided design had unleashed his creative juices.    But seeing his designs on a screen is as nothing to seeing the Walt Disney Hall fresh in the early morning sun after two days of rain, a curious but effective combination of populism (bugger the modernists), swagger and a Richard Serra-like interest in pure form:-


7 thoughts on “Walt Disney Concert Hall

  1. Beautifully photographed, Charles. You capture his wondrous curve and line, the way that his surfaces wind round their form. You do him hustice.

    It’s regrettable that we have relatively few of his buildings in the UK. Apart from a Maggie Centre or two.

  2. Jane Wainwright says:

    Your detailed pictures are even more impressive than views of the whole building. Did you see inside? It wasn’t open when I was there some years ago, 2004 I think.

  3. Kate Woodhead says:

    Not sure how you managed to get such fantastic views – from different angles and perspective – or what camera you used. Though all your photographs of LA have been good.

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