I had lunch today in the soon-to-be demolished Los Angeles County Museum of Art.   The original building was done in the 1960s by Pereira Associates.   It was tarted up in the early 1980s in the then fashionable post-modern style, but never admired.   It disguises and does not assist entry to the collection up an escalator.   There were plans to demolish it in 2002 and replace it with a building by Rem Koolhaas.   Two large buildings have been added since I was last there by Renzo Piano, the Broad and the Reznick Pavilion.   Now the original buildings are expected to be replaced by a building which will cross Wilshire Boulevard to the parking lot, designed by Peter Zumthor, a great and wonderful architect who famously does not like to work to a budget.   The idea is to integrate the display of the collections.   Cost.   $700 million ?   $1 billion ?  Los Angeles has ambition.

No photographs because it was pouring with rain (it has rained on three of my four days here in spite of not having rained apparently for the last five years).   And because none of the existing buildings quite merit it.


2 thoughts on “LACMA

  1. A pity about photographs, even rain drenched ones of less than brilliant buildings. With Renzo Piano and Rem Koolhaas, they are setting high standards.

    I don’t know Peter Zumthor. I do’t think he’s worked here yet ?

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