Tony Snowdon

Am mighty upset to hear of the death of Lord Snowdon.   We did an exhibition of his work at the NPG in spring 2000.   He was funny, irreverent, a good mimic, could be sarcastic and a very good formal photographer.   I was photographed by him when I went to the National Gallery.   He refused to do it in situ and instead insisted on it being done at his house where he had what was essentially a Victorian studio set-up with props and studio.   He required sitters to change into a rather dirty old shirt, maybe to discomfort them.   It’s not my favourite photograph, but I admired him for his formal exactitude (and he was very generous to the NPG).


3 thoughts on “Tony Snowdon

  1. I agree with all those comments. When I was Arts Minister he asked me, to my amazement, to be guest editor of whatever magazine he was editing (it’s late, and I forget – was it Harper’s ?) and he was delightful to work with. It’s easy to see from the charming children he fathered, what a decent person he was – and what a talent he had !

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