Tokyo (2)

After brunch, I headed off for Sendagaya, ‘the Valley with harvests as big as 1,000 horses could carry’.   I spotted a couple of odd houses in the backstreets.   One making ingenious use of little space:-

Another survival:-

Then I went to the Watarium, my favourite of the Tokyo Museums, if a little eccentric, designed by Mario Botta, with three floors of minuscule exhibition spaces and three floors of museum shop and café, which I’ve always loved – in truth, more than the exhibition space:-

I ended up walking back to the hotel by what was apparently the shortest route through the Aoyoma cemetery, which given the price of real estate in Tokyo is quite a remarkable survival:-


2 thoughts on “Tokyo (2)

  1. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    Charles, welcome to Tokyo on bitterly cold day. While the north of Japan is attacked by blizzard Tokyo has a beautiful sky, but north wind must have bitten you. I was out myself and was always shrunk my shoulder as the wind was so chilly. Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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