The Streets of Stepney (1)

As if to reassure myself that East London has pleasures to compare with those of Japan, I went on a brisk morning walk round the streets of Stepney.

Past Tollet Street (the streetsign is normally defaced):-

Past the local library, now being turned into a Heritage Centre:-

To the canal which unusually was iced over:-

Past the Ragged School Museum:-

And the Wall Street Bakery:-

To St. Dunstan’s:-

The church was open:-

And back along Stepney Green:-


4 thoughts on “The Streets of Stepney (1)

  1. Martin Hopkinson says:

    Does it mean that the Labour Council has closed the [Bancroft] local history library [rich in documentation of the early 20th century in the inner East End] to replace it with a heritage centre? What has happened to the large Neapolitan seventeenth century history painting which used to hang inside the entrance

  2. Martin Hopkinson says:

    It is a vital resource. The previous council wished to close it and transfer the building without its contents to neighbouring Queen Mary University, but there was a public meeting and protests which led to the abandonment of this plan. Anybody interested in the East End and its political and social history would find it amazingly useful. I used it for working on articles on Whistler’s Thames Set.

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