The Streets of Stepney (2)

I went in search of any evidence of the square huts with eaves at the back of 37, Stepney Green, which used to shelter TB patients, presumably as facilities for the London Jewish Hospital which opened in 1919 and closed in 1979.   In the 1980s, the huts were used for art classes.   It took me time to find exactly where they are, but first looking at the end of Louisa Street, which has good surviving nineteenth-century workers’ housing:-

Then, I poked about Maria Terrace, slightly more upmarket with pretty gothic doorways and hoods, with one neglected:-

I couldn’t initially see any sign of them looking over the garden wall at the back of 37, Stepney Green:-

It was only later in the morning that I discovered that they are indeed still there, although nearly invisible, so I will have to wait to find out if I can explore further.


One thought on “The Streets of Stepney (2)

  1. The quality of late 19th century workers’ housing was very good. My own house in The Avenues, north of the Harrow Road and the Grand Union Canal, built by the Labourers, Artisans and Developers Corporation is a case in point.

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