Richard Green

One more Poplar site.   Immediately in front of the municipal baths, there is an unexpectedly magnificent statue dedicated to the memory of Richard Green, who joined the family firm of Green, Wigram & Green, which built ships for the East India Company, whose headquarters were in Blackwall.   Green was not only successful as a shipowner, but was also a prominent local philanthropist, establishing schools and a Sailor’s Home, and supporting the Poplar Hospital and Merchant Seamen’s Orphan Asylum.   The statue is by Edward W. Wyon, a former student at the Royal Academy Schools, who was well known mainly for his portrait busts and who deserves to be known for this fine commemorative statue of Green with his dog and its flanking bas reliefs of his ships:-


4 thoughts on “Richard Green

  1. Joan says:

    I presume there is a link with George Green school which used to be in Poplar but is now in the Isle of Dogs. My mum went there but had to leave at 14 because her mum needed her to earn some money for the (single parent, three children) family. George Green was great for my mum though in that they evacuated the whole school to Ross-on-Wye in the war where, for the first time, my mum was properly fed and looked after, something my nan (a Co-op tea packer) hadn’t the resources to do.

  2. Martin Hopkinson says:

    Did Wyon execute any public sculpture elsewhere as good as this? – a splendid landmark as are the baths on a very busy road, which has other occasional highlights like the school on the other side of the road, which I have always intended to look up in Pevsner

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