Howard Hodgkin (1)

Like many other people – friends and art historians – I have spent the day mourning the death of Howard Hodgkin, a great, if enigmatic painter, who refused to talk about his painting much (except in somewhat cryptic utterances) or to allow anyone to witness him in the act of painting.   This evening, I have found it consoling to read a volume of writings about his work by writers (Writers on Howard Hodgkin), which I borrowed from the London Library and includes an essay by Colm Tóibín, which was criticised as being too lush, but which I like as being inquisitive as to how Hodgkin’s interest and attitude to art was first formed.   The book also includes the reprint of an essay by Bruce Chatwin which tells the story of the horoscope which was prepared for him by his grandmother.   ‘For Leos’, she prophesied, ‘colour is life’.


3 thoughts on “Howard Hodgkin (1)

  1. What a loss ! A Colourist with a real relish for Paint, and, that rarity, an Old Etonian artist ! He freed himself from the confines of the canvas with, often, remarkable results.

  2. Joan says:

    In early 1997 we went to see a Howard Hodgkin exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. They were selling exhibition posters of a the size that you see on tube stations. We bought one and had it framed (at a cost which seemed to us to be wincingly expensive). It’s a pig to move but it has made all our house moves with us from Manchester to Edinburgh and finally to London. It now hangs on our stairs in Stratford. There must be loads of people like us – not terribly knowledgeable about art but who came to his work via tube adverts and postage stamps.

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