A week or so ago, I was interviewed for a German website called Fine Art Multiple.   I found it interesting to be grilled about the nature of our collection because I don’t regard myself as a collector, partly because I don’t have a deep pocket and partly because we have never collected in any particular category, except possibly modern ceramics (and books), with any consistency.   But, lo and behold, I now read about myself online and recognise that there is possibly more consistency of aesthetic intent than I had realised.   See


6 thoughts on “Collecting

  1. A delightful interview ! It was so good to see the house flooded with light and I realised that I had invariably been therein the evenings, when it is beautiful, but quite secret looking.

    Lovely photographs of you both, and good to see Humphrey Ocean’s painting of Otto, and the works by Christopher and Charlotte. And a real eye-opener to see the facade of the house when you bought it.

    I was curious that, in mentioning the V&A, you made no reference to your book on Castle Howard. And that your interviewer didn’t ask you about your photographs. I hope that the Foreword to the Blog book will touch on both of those.

  2. Joan says:

    I was just about to comment on the beautiful shawl. As a knitter (often of shawls and haps) I love that one for both its shape and its colours. Kudos to Cynthia Grant.

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