Olympic Park

I’m never completely convinced by the Olympic Park, although I want to be.   It always seems to be trying too hard, too many paths leading nowhere, too many notices encouraging one to admire it.   It probably needs another fifteen years to grow into maturity and for the elaborate planting to make sense:-

Meanwhile, I was able to admire the boat-like shape of Michael and Patty Hopkins’s Velodrome close-up instead of from a distance on the motorway alongside:-


5 thoughts on “Olympic Park

  1. Joan says:

    Apologies if I have said this before but it is really worth going inside the velodrome. Unless there is something special on there you can just go straight upstairs to the spectators’ seats. It is great fun watching people being instructed on how to ride the track while their children/grandchildren who have bought them the ‘experience’ as a present watch on. A real sense of joy when the cyclist manages to build up enough momentum to make their way around the upper reaches of the track.

    And it is definitely worth spending some time in the wetlands area of the park during May/June when the dragonflies are out. My partner’s dad, who is a member of the dragonfly society of Great Britain and lives in Shropshire, was overcome on a visit to the park by the amount and type of dragonflies to be seen. Evidently the park designers have done a very good job in creating a really good ecosystem for these particular insects.

    I am biased, of course, but we never thought we would have a resource like the Olympic Park here in Stratford. When you think of the fridge mountains and ‘jap spares’ car shops it replaced!

  2. Joan says:

    Thank you Edward. Charles is right. I live in Maryland which is the borderland area between Stratford and Forest Gate. I grew up in Stepney on the thirteenth floor of a tower block on the Mountmorres Estate but left London for university which, by virtue of postdocs, I managed to string out for some years. I returned to London with my partner and three then small children fifteen years ago. Like many Eastenders I am both slightly bemused and amused by the changes in the area. Growing up we never foresaw a time in which people – some of them very well heeled – would want to live in our area! It certainly all adds to the gaiety of life.

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