Stepney Green (2)

You might not guess it from this morning’s Financial Times, but Stepney Green is actually quite green.   So, on my Saturday morning walk to buy goose eggs from Marsh Produce who have a stall in Stepney City Farm, I took photographs of the walk down the side of the Green:-

The church:-

The Farm:-

And the chickens:-


9 thoughts on “Stepney Green (2)

  1. Ooops, I don’t know what happened to my former reply….if it showed up half-baked, apologies. I was saying how much I enjoy following your blog, Charles, and that I feel I’ve come to know you slightly. Would you ever consider my accompanying you on a morning walk?

    I will be over in London from Boston in early May between the 1st and 8th. I’d be honoured.


    • Dear Robert, Yes, of course. As it happens, I am taking the RA patrons on a Stepney Walk on the morning of Saturday 6th. May and I would love you to join us. Also, if you’re a glutton for punishment, I’m doing an event at Hatchards with Dan Cruikshank on Tuesday 2nd. May and an event for Friends of the RA on Thursday 4th. So you can take your pick ! Charles

  2. Firstly may I say how very much I enjoy reading your regular Blog.

    This one though begs the question, what is the fate of the goose eggs?

    • I have not yet tried them. They’re about twice the size of ordinary eggs, white, with a hard shell, and are apparently only laid between February and April, so they’re very uneconomic. At least, that’s what I was told. Charles

  3. Martin Hopkinson says:

    Have you tried ‘Gamy”s [as my 3 year old grandaughter calls her] black pudding at the farm? As you might guess it is one of her favourite places. Another is the entrance to Bethnal Green Libary with its aquarium – and she always hopes that the squirrels outside were not scared for her. In the summer there are impromptu soft ball cricket matches on the asphalt

  4. Joan says:

    I’m sure you are familiar with Collage, the digital London picture archive maintained by the London Metropolitan Archives but I am guessing that some of your followers won’t be. It has some wonderful photos of 37 Stepney Green (interior and exterior) when it was a Craft School. They mostly date from 1907 just three years after Isaac Rosenberg left the school which he attended for two years for one day each week. The photos can be seen here:
    Be warned, it is one of those websites on which you can easily lose half a day!

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