Stepney Green (1)

I went out first thing this morning to the new local branch of Sainsbury’s to buy a copy of the Weekend FT to check that the article I’ve written about Stepney Green has appeared in the colour magazine.   It has (p.27).   I found it harder than expected to write a longer piece (well, it’s not that long), having got used to the blissful superficiality of a blog entry.   And it’s odd to see it illustrated with someone else’s photographs, including a basketball game in Bethnal Green Library Park and a brown and white sheep in the local farm.   You can spare yourself £3.80 by reading it online (just google Saumarez Smith Stepney Green).


4 thoughts on “Stepney Green (1)

  1. Kate Woodhead says:

    The weekend FT and the weekend Guardian are the only two print copies of newspapers we read and so I shall enjoy your article later today.

  2. Lovely piece. The Bethnal Green Gardens image is an odd choice, given it’s in the opposite direction from your walk. The Library there does have the weekend papers, but not the Weekend FT, sadly. But the piece seems not be behind the FT’s paywall.

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