Terence Davis

Reference to Terence Davis and his book about Tunbridge Wells made me check whether I could find out anything about him, other than what I could remember as crumbs from his dinner table.   He was born in the Midlands and must have inherited quite a bit of money, although this did not prevent him complaining endlessly about the cost of feeding and, more especially, supplying drink to his many friends.   I think he might have trained as an architect at the Bartlett because he was sufficiently good as a designer to have designed his own library in Wadhurst and he had a good eye.   He worked for a time at House and Garden (I think) before embarking on a biography of John Nash.   He and his partner, always known as The Baron, lived in a grand first floor apartment in Cornwall Gardens before moving out to the country.   He was very generous to us when we were no more than kids and it was in his company that we met, amongst many others, Rebecca West and Steven Runciman.


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