Israel (3)

On my last day in Israel, I have been lying in the bath trying to reconcile the many and diverse accounts we have been given of Israeli politics and history.   What we have been told repeatedly is that a foreigner cannot possibly comprehend the complexity of the situation and that Israelis resent foreign interference in their own affairs and the presumption that there could, or should, be a solution.   But what seems obvious is the unsatisfactory fact that the State was founded by decree of the United Nations without the support and consent of the surrounding countries and that this consent has been withheld to this day;  and that every attempt to broker peace ever since has failed.   So, I find it baffling that the United Nations has failed to ensure acceptance of a policy it implemented seventy years ago.


4 thoughts on “Israel (3)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    I’ve found these posts from Israel fascinating. I was particularly delighted by the Angelus Novus, as were several political scientist friends, scholars of Benjamin. I must recommend to you the novel, A Storm from Paradise by Start Hood.

  2. Kate Woodhead says:

    Thank you for the recommendation Leslie – the book is on sale for 1p plus p&p, at the online bookselling site – the one named after a river.

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