Old Town Clothing (1)

A pamphlet has arrived – as always beautifully designed – celebrating twenty five years of my favourite clothing store, which was originally established twenty five years ago at 49, Bull Street, Norwich, selling feather dusters.   They must quite quickly have moved into clothing because I acquired my first double-breasted, wide-lapelled, brown corduroy suit with bronze tin buttons, still going strong apart from the loss of one or two fly buttons, not long afterwards.   It is nearly all done by post.   Once Miss. Willey has your measurements, all you have to do is telephone for a replacement garment to appear boxed up in the post.   As a long-term admirer of Miss. Willey, her husband, Will, their shop now in Bull Street, Holt, and their suits, I salute their first twenty five years and recommend them (www.old-town.co.uk).


10 thoughts on “Old Town Clothing (1)

  1. Joan says:

    As a home dressmaker I’ve long wished that Old Town did versions of their garments as paper patterns. Given the success of pattern houses such as Merchant and Mills in Rye I’m sure they’d be very popular, but I guess that it is not an uncomplicated business decision. I have to admit that when Sonia Solicari was announced as director of the Geffrye Museum, knowing nothing of museum professionals and having never heard of her before, I immediately thought ‘that’s that woman who models for Old Town’.

    • Hear hear on the sewing patterns, having just seen a photo of Georgia O’Keeffe, fellow home-dressmaker and style icon, wearing a similar “veste de travail” in the new book “Living Modern.” She’s also shown wearing several Claire McCardell designs that are ripe for a comeback.
      RIP on your Samsung, Dr. Saumarez Smith, but it’s time to get an iPhone and an Instagram following.

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