Sean Scully RA

I went to an event in the basement of Waterstone’s, Piccadilly in which Sean Scully read from a recently published volume of his ‘Collected Writings and Selected Interviews’, published by Hatje Cantz under the title Inner last year.   He claimed not to have read a book until he was sixteen, which may, or may not, be true, but is an indication that he was not taught to be a wordsmith, but writes, as he paints, with atavistic energy and records what he thinks relentlessly.   He described his method in the introduction to a lecture that he gave at Oxford in 1995: ‘The way I talk is, I don’t work from notes, so I tend to search for words.   It probably isn’t a good deal for you, but it is more interesting for me.   It’s like my work – I try to make it somewhat experimental’.   The results are linguistically raw, pugnacious and experimental.


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