The Alpujarra

I have been reading Gerald Brenan’s hilarious and half sarcastic recollection of Lytton Strachey’s visit to the village of Yegen in the Alpujarra which, in a brief compass, gives a much better sense of his over-refined and etiolated character than anything else I have ever read.   Brenan manages to convey the fantastic incongruity of Strachey sitting on a mule and bumping uphill whilst talking in his oddly high-pitched way.   We’re going to the Alpujarra for Easter so if any readers have recommendations of what to see and where to go, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “The Alpujarra

  1. Oliver Domeisen says:

    If you make it near Granada, do not miss the Cartuja de Granada with its magnificent sacristy. It’s Churrigueresque ornament is unsurpassed and rivals that of its contemporary Rococo equivalents in Germany. A feast for the eyes.

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