Villages of the High Alpujarra

We went on an expedition to the three villages high in the hills above Órgiva:  Pampaneira, the first of the three and by far the most touristy with souvenir shops in the church square and water running down the middle of the alleyways.

This is the view south towards the Sierra de la Contraviesa from the road up:-

Scenes in the village:-

The next village, Bubión, above, rougher and dustier, but still very hot:-

We made it to Capileira, but couldn’t find anywhere for lunch.   It was early closing day:-


4 thoughts on “Villages of the High Alpujarra

  1. There used to be a motorable if unsurfaced road from Granada, over the Sierra, via the ski resort at about 11,000 ft and down innumerable hairpins to Capiliera. Think the authorities closed it after spotting us coming down in a Fiat Panda in 1984!

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