It is the opening today of Romilly’s exhibition Newfoundland (or Y Tir Newydd in Welsh) at Ruthin Craft Centre in the borderlands of Wales.   A version of her exhibition which was shown at the Sainsbury Centre, it shows the work she has done based on the recovery of bits of either Roman or medieval ephemera – buckles and clasps and badges – re-invented/re-established as highly inventive modern craft objects, rich in the resonance of recreation.   Alongside the exhibition, as well as a series of interpretative photographs by Verdi Yahooda, there is a monitor showing the short, very beautiful film, Amanuensis, which has been made about her work by Maria Nicholson and which is going to be shown on Thursday at Picturehouse Central as part of London Craft Week (   I strongly recommend it:-


4 thoughts on “Newfoundland

  1. Dick Humphreys says:

    Looks wonderful.
    Love and best wishes for another triumph to Romilly.
    Greatly enjoyed it the other night – and the book is terrific.

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